Fall of National Government in Afghanistan

August 15th, a date, so dearly close to Indians, folded out as a horror to the people of Afghanistan. The Taliban forces, who had been on a blitzkrieg, capturing all important cities of Afghanistan, entered the capital city, Kabul. During this takeover of cities by Taliban, several members of the Afghan army crossed borders and fled to the neighboring countries of Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc. Many outposts were abandoned by the Kabul city’s police anticipating the arrival of Taliban. Not only did the government institutions collapse, the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, too fled the country leading to an absolute collapse of democracy in Afghanistan. One can see daily scenes of members of the Taliban, mounted on top of American made Humvies, patrolling the city of Kabul and long queues of people outside banks desperate to take their lifesavings out. These are the daily sequence of events playing out in Afghanistan.

A country in the vicinity of Indian borders is being ruled by a Terrorist organisation. The Taliban have repeatedly expressed various changes from their previous ruling style however, the rest of the world will have to play the game of patience. The Taliban has given assurances that neither does it seek vengeance against those who helped Americans nor does it plan to force women to stay at home. They want women to work with them in the process of formation of government and also want the members of the Afghan military to re-join their ranks. Overall, it showcases itself as a progressive thinking government but the implementation of these plans remains to be seen. America and its allies realise the fact that this government in Afghanistan has no money to implement any infrastructure or redevelopment plans. They also realise that all of this show could just be to seek international sympathy and secure some funds for a nation, whose economy is in doldrums. For the rest of the world, it is a waiting game where one side, a terrorist organization, rules over a country of over 30 million people and the other side, rest of the world, gets to do nothing.

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