Army Coup in Guinea

The western African nation of guinea has plunged into deeper political instability. A unit of military has seized power. It has declared a coup in the region, closed the borders and abrogated the constitution after hours of unleashing violence in and around the presidential palace. The military detained president Alfa Conde and have now appeared on state television to reassure the citizens after the detention of the president. The soldiers in the West African nation detained Conde post hours of heavy gunfire however, the defence ministry said an attack on the presidential palace by mutinous forces had been put down.

Earlier, a video surfaced showing the president in a room surrounded by army special forces for hours. Conde’s whereabouts are unknown currently but sources close to military had said that the president was taken to an undisclosed location after hours of unrest. After the president’s detention, the military announced on state television that the government had been dissolved in an apparent coup. An authenticated video statement announcing the dissolution of the government was also released. The sources with the knowledge of the crises say that the man visible in the video led an elite national army unit behind the uprising against Guinean president of Alfa Conde. The mutinous soldiers have vowed to restore democracy and gave themselves a name, they’re called the national committee of gathering and development.

A nationwide curfew has been declared until further notice. Along with this multiple reports say that the military is also set to replace all governors and prefects with soldiers that will be governing or convening a meeting of cabinet ministers and other top officials today. The military have cited massive mismanagement as the reason behind the military takeover. Guinea, one of the world’s poorest countries despite boasting significant mineral resources, has long been beset by political instability. For those frustrated by last year’s constitutional change that allowed president Alfa Conde to run for a third time, news of military takeover has been warmly welcomed. Crowds of opposition supporters and activists have taken to the streets of Conokry to celebrate. The recent spate in military takeovers, especially in the African nation has left the world shocked.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has condemned the coup in a tweet and called for Conde’s immediate release. The U.S. State Department also raised concerns over the events that unfolded saying in a statement that rebels must forego violence and any efforts not supported by the constitution and should stand by the rule of law. The African Union Bloc condemned the military takeover and called on the body’s peace and Security Council to meet urgently. The economic community of West African states has demanded a return to constitutional order in guinea and threatened to impose sanctions.

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