Kerala Govt to Conduct Survey for EBC Persons among Forward Castes

The Kerela government resolved to conduct a socioeconomic study to identify those in the community who are economically disadvantaged.

The NSS had sought a minimum quota for economically disadvantaged members of advance caste communities in government positions and publicly sponsored educational institutions. It was believed that affirmative action for the poorest members of forward caste communities would pull hundreds of individuals out of poverty who were not part of the current reservation system.

The decision has enormous political ramifications. Several powerful social organizations, including the Nair Service Society, believed that the reservation policy had unfairly disadvantaged the poorest members of the advanced castes.

At the local self-government level, the study would determine the most economically backward families from forward caste communities. For the survey, the government has set up an initial sum of₹ 80 Lakh.As part of the survey, the five most economically backward households from forward caste communities will be identified in each ward of the local bodies across the state, including village, municipality, and corporation.

Police verification is now required for nominations to government-assisted schools and colleges, public sector businesses, welfare boards, development agencies, cooperatives, and Devasom institutions, according to the Cabinet.

The Kerala State Commission for Economically Backward Classes among Forward Communities has been charged with conducting the survey by the government. The sociological survey would be led by Kudumbhashree workers, the state’s poverty-eradication effort managed entirely by women.

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