Supreme Court will set panel to investigate Pegasus issue.

Looking into the matter of Pegasus, Supreme Court has expressed concerns over infringing right
to privacy on one hand and secondly. if questioned from government whether it use this spyware or not, will infringe national security as terrorists would get alert. The Supreme Court also highlighted that an expert penal would be constituted to examine the legality of Pegasus surveillance and whether it has been used by the present government by any method other than established by law. It all occurred in consequence of ‘The wire’ report which stated that in India, this spyware has been used surreptitiously to spy on other politicians violating their right to privacy. The court has further highlighted that Pegasus violates the basic principles of democracy and right to privacy too. Solicitor general Tushar Mehta also commented that directly asking government whether it uses this Pegasus spyware or not will alert those terrorists and this will compromise national security. Government also tried to offer a panel to look into the matter but it was opposed by the opposition party stating the panel provided by court will have more credibility than the one by government.

Image Credits: Jagran Josh

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