In a peculiar and unprecedented case, the highest court of Ecuador has used the Constitutional provision of “Right of Nature ” to defend the Los Cedros cloud forests from mining concession. The court in the decision expressed the conviction to develop a binding area of law in which the Rights of Nature, Right to healthy environment, the right to water and environmental consultation must be respected. All types of extractive activities have been banned in the protected forest area, and the permit for water and environment has been denied to all Mining companies. The innovative ruling by the court attracted global appreciation for identifying and highlighting the rights of nature including its right to exist, right to restoration and rights of rivers. “The Constitutional Court states that no activity that threatens the Rights of Nature can be developed within the ecosystem of Los Cedros Protected Forest, including mining and any other extractive activity. Mining is now banned from this amazing and unique protected forest. This sets a great juridical precedent to continue with other threatened Protected Forests. Today, the endangered frogs, the spectacled bears, the spider monkey, the birds and nature as a whole have won an unprecedented battle.”, remarked Natalia Greene from Global Alliance for Rights of Nature. Brown-headed spider monkey, found in Los Cedrosm, is an endangered species which has already been robbed off of 80% original area it acquired. The species was listed in the World’s 25 most endangered primates’ list and posed a great deal of concern. The case, considering the ecological position, is of great significance and sets forth a precedent for “Earth Jurisprudence” which will scrutinize the destructive practices throughout the globe. The idea of rights of nature has been radically put forth in defense of the rights of the protected forest in an attempt to secure the ecological standards through constitutional principles. 

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