About CCLG

CCLG, RGNUL is a research centre established with a vision to contribute to the study, research and understanding of constitutional law and governance from an interdisciplinary perspective. Pursuant to the objects of the University contained under Sec. 4 of The Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab Act, 2006, the centre aims to ‘disseminate legal knowledge and legal processes and their role in national development by organising lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences’. The centre facilitates the students to participate in these events and engages them in free and meaningful debates in the field of constitutional law and governance.

Keeping in mind the need for new perspectives, the centre adopts an interdisciplinary approach to understand constitutional law and governance. We believe that students of law should attempt to get involved with policy and academia to further their knowledge and contribute to society. In furtherance of that, CCLG recently participated in the open consultation on the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (‘NDPS Act’) held by the Committee for Reforms in Criminal Law set up by the Central Government.

The centre also intends to publish a journal and a newsletter on constitutional issues as well as undertake more independent non-partisan research projects including drafting working papers for policymakers on governance and public policy issues. The aim of the centre is to emerge as an influential think tank for national and international issues in the field of constitutional law and governance and promote constitutional values.